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Who actually was Dracula?

So I am really tired of hearing about Dracula when I go to a foreign country. Why? Well “Dracula” as people call him is nothing but a legend. Ever since Bram Stoker wrote the book about that this leader of the country Vlad Tepes- the actual Dracula became unknown. And it makes me sad because he has done a lot for the Romanian medieval state of Wallachia.

I remember my history teacher said that there once was a fountain made for the passers by. That fountain had a golden spill and bucket. No one even dared to take that away that is how cruel he was. People frightened him but he did good for the country. When he died those objects disappeared.

So now I am going to tell you a little about him. Just basics things you should know and with those you can correct the others. 🙂



Born in: november 1431 in Sighisoara.

He ruled over Wallachia during: august 1448octombrie 1448
                                                            august 1455decembrie 1462

Was married with: Cnaejna Bathory
Jusztina Szilagyi and Ilona Nelipic

Died in December 1476.

He was known for the fact that during his times every one who commited something from stealing to crime ended up being tortured. And he was always there to watch. He thought that they had to suffer back for what they did to those people. (the victims have been estimated to a number of 100.000 people)

Vampire films

Numerous film adaptations of Bram Stoker‘s novel Dracula and original works derived from it have incorporated Vlad the Impaler’s history into the fictional Count Dracula’s past, depicting them as the same person. These include, among others: the 1972–1979 comic book series The Tomb of Dracula from Marvel Comics, the 1973 film Dracula, starring Jack Palance, the 1979 BBC/Masterpiece Theater production Dracula, starring Louis Jordan, or in the 1992 film Bram Stoker’s Dracula, starring Gary Oldman as Dracula.

Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula, a television film released in 2000, tells the life story of Vlad the Impaler mostly accurately, but has a fictitious ending in which Vlad rises from the grave as an immortal with supernatural powers, implying he has now become the legendary vampire character. Vlad is portrayed in the film by German actor Rudolf Martin

(Source wikipedia.com)

So there is no such thing as a blood drinking vampire. Yes indeed he was extremely cruel but also brave. He did stand up to the other surrounding states and protected the gate from the Ottoman empire to the rest of the Europe.

In conclusion the Dracula stories are just fiction. Quite silly considering what a personality and model Vlad Tepes was for Wallachia and for the Romania of today.

For more information go to the wikipedia page http://bit.ly/oJl0BD

Thanks for staying. 🙂


+1 Romania

I am very honest when I am writing a blog post and I would never lie to you people. So now you might want to find out what are we, the Romanian people proud of? (Random internet idiot:Proud of eating swans and camping in the center of Helsinki?) SHUT UP!

No. We happen to be one of those cool undercover countries. You might not know but if you want to have fun this is the place to come. If you want to yell at the moon you can do it. I am not sure how many people would enjoy that but all they would think of is: “Just a tourist let him be!” Tourists are warmly welcome to come and do stuff here. (Random internet idiot: Do… ) okay illegal stuff remain illegal for everyone.

We have the craziest party people. I mean how many people call you at the middle of the night telling you that he wants to throw a party for the fact that his car turns 18 that night and that he wants to give Trabbie a little vodka shower? I thought so… 🙂 Btw the smell remains fresh even after 4 months…

Or for a 21 and 4 months anniversary? And the parties are crazy. You want to find out? Get a cool group and come over.

And don’t you dare talk about Dracula. You are going to find out from me who he actually was.

So this + Romania thing will go one and will give you reasons to come here.

1. Great parties. Great people.

Surfing through the ages- Antalya

I have been in Turkey in 2008. That sounds so long ago and as I was looking through my pictures I have found some I liked. It was those kinds of holidays where you go at a hotel and you stay in it because all you need is there. Even the beach is owned by the hotel. Lovely places.

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Visit Romania 4

This is a magnificent castle called “Peles. It is one of the most beautiful places to see in my country. It is the summer residence of the Romanian royalties and it is also opened for visitors from all over.




Song of the Week 9

This is probably the best song to listen before… you do anything. So relaxing and it truly makes you want to do nothing. Nice and epic at the same time. This is Jack Johnson people. Enjoy!